Who are we?

Already launched and tested in the Albanian market, with a high qualification and ready to realize your ideas, as well as with a full range of products dedicated to advertising and promotion.
F & M Advertising had its modest beginning in the year 2007, with an activity which was consolidated and improved with the passing of time and now is one of the most serious partners for a large number of businesses in Albania.
Since at the beginning, the two brothers Faolt & Marin Pahija followed a strategy of product differentiation, based on market needs and customers desires.
During the time, the staff has increased steadily and it is specialized in the production of advertisements offering professionalism, experience and product improvement through new technology

Nowadays F & M Advertising is one of the leading operators in the advertising market in Albania for all products and services in this area, including: illuminated signs, 3D letters, professional works of LED technology, the ads in the series, billboards, fuels, indoor / outdoor prints, promotional stands, promotional items, electronic ads, etc.
The experience and as well as, the works carried out in the field of advertising provides a guarantee for it's clients.
In recent years, this company is expanding a manufactory that has a high production capacity to fulfill the need and the request of market. All these are reached, thanks to a trained staff and the new technology and machinery.
Based on its real experience, the slogan of this company is more than adequate for what she represents. 

If you're looking for a difference!

This slogan is based on the quality, accuracy and strategy that continues to follow this company.

The vision of the company

Being a leader company in the market of advertising.
Pursuing a strategy of differentiation through creativity, product quality and service, offering these as premium value.

The mision of the company

To raise a leading advertising company, which will offer products and services in various fields of advertising. To create a name and a standard which will be recognized and serve throughout the Balkan region and the global market

The culture of the company

The correctness, respect, communication, collaboration with partners, reliability as well as the dedicated and trained staff are the most important keys, to fulfill customers needs.  
Our values ​​and beliefs are driven by a powerful force that governs the development of every action we handle.

Human Resource Management

F & M Advertising considers as one of the most important asset of its success, the collaboration with its staff.
It develops more training programs to increase staff qualifications, quality in service, negotiating with clients, sales, management of situation and ethics in communication.

Previous training:

Subject: Collaboration, effectiveness and qualities in the working environment. 
Subject: Selling as a competitive advantage. 
Subject: Negotiation