Superbrands Albania 2018



On 16 April, "Superbrands Albania" had the Gala Dinner, where 26 most known & valuated brands in our country were awarded with a trophy for their work during 2018. F&M Reklama not only took care of the event by realising the banner printings and trophies, but also was awarded for the second time in row with the tittle "Superbrands Albania" in advertising, digital printings and promotional items.


The big investment F&M Reklama made, by building one of the largest manufactories in Balkan, shows a consolidated company with high manufatoring and services standarts in advertising field, digital printings and promotional items in market, deserving for the second year in row being awarded as  "Superbrands"- says the juri of Superbrands Albania. 


We are happy to be part of the 26 companies that were appriciated and motivated with a price wor the work and high level of professionalism shown during 2018!