Why branding your vehicles at F&M Reklama?


Why branding your vehicles at F&M Reklama?

Car Wrapping has been growing very fast during the last years, since corporates and people are interested in branding their vehicles. Knowing that cars have some construction details, like: tire bows and separating channels, experience and knowledge is required in 3 important keys despite the material, such as:

1.Environmental Conditions

2. Wrapping tools & equippments

3.Qualified Staff

The absence of these important keys or Ignoring them, will cause serious damages in the company’s brand reputation and in the client’s satisfaction.

1.Environmental conditions

Environmental conditions where your car will be branded include some elements:

a) Temperature

It is very important to highlight that, the car wrapping must not happen outdoors, because in this way the car will be exposed to dust and wind the whole time, bringing difficulties in the car wrapping process. The vehicle must be wrapped indoors, where the environment has to be super clean and it must be at the right temperature which is between 10-20ºC. The differences in temperature, can cause an immediate impact in the wrapping process, complicating and making it difficult to be realized. A high temperature can make the adhesive difficult to handle, cause it to overstrech, changing this way its size and losing the images's structure during the wrapping process. On the other hand, a low temperature will make the vinyl stiff and less flexible, making it hard to stick.

b) Storage

Storing the printing materials in a cool appropirate environment temperature, with no humidity, away from high sunlights is a principal condition so that the adhesives can last in time and save their quality. Also it must be taken into consideration the way we store our adhesives. Vinyls are more predisposed to wrinkle and create fractures, if positioned horizontally, over each other. The printing materials must be stored in a vertical position avoiding possible damages and having this way a more aesthetic look, by not occupying much space. Despite positioning, another important element is the length of storage time. This time must not be more then two years. The supervisor of the printing materials must take care of the vinyl maintenance by selecting them according to their timeliness of use.

c) Cleanness 

Before the whole process starts, it is very important for the car to be washed the previous day and dry. The smallest dust left in the car, could result in the vinyl's adhesive to fail and after a short time, lift off the surface.

  2.Wrapping tools & equippments

The second key that must be taken into consideration refers to the wrapping tools. The car wrapping specialist must be equipped with all the working tools that serve him to do a professional job. 

These tools provide him the convenience to handle any angle, arc or separated channel that the vehicle has, simplyfing this way 


  3.Qualified staff

  In order to have the desired wrap, it is necessary to have a specialized staff with extensive experience in car wrapping. You might have the right vinyl, but if the adhesive is not sticked properly, the result won't be the wished one.  Car branding requires technique and ability, because different materials need different treatment, that's why the car  wrapping specialist mus have the right experience to do it.  

The work doesn't end with the wrapping of the car. A special care must be given after the wrapping process, where the specialist through a heat gun equippment and a digital thermometer at the right temperature passes through all the areas with bows and angles where the vinyl is sticked, so that the adhesive is fixed even better and stays in time.

 The heat gun equippment helps in sticking the adhesive in a uniform way in the car's surface so that in long terms it won't have problems. The same thing is worth for the adhesive removing process where through this equippment  the specialst of car wrapping can easily remove the adhesive from the car's surface in a short time without damaging it.  



All the elements mentioned above must be taken into consideration so that the car branding result is the desired one.


These three important keys can be found implemented at our company and all the interested clients are invited to come and have a closer look how we work in our manufactory.